Saturday, October 16, 2010

How much of a Neanderthal are you?

Leonardo DiCaprio 100,000 BC
The latest I read on Neanderthal Man, is that he was far more intelligent and caring than we thought.  Studies include the remains of a child with a congenital brain abnormality, who was not abandoned, but lived until five or six years of age. The research, as reported in  Discovery News, also noted the case of a Neanderthal man with a withered arm, deformed feet and blindness in one eye who must have been cared for by his fellow man.

Another myth that seems to have been debunked is that Modern Man, or Homo Sapiens either killed off his Neanderthal brothers, or otherwise caused their demise  by competition for the limited food and shelter available. Neither theory would appear to be the whole truth, thankfully!
Neanderthal / Homo Sapiens couple.

It has been shown that modern man  (non African) is NOT in fact, pure bred Homo Sapiens. His genetic makeup consists of between 1% and 4%  Neanderthal material. Rape or Love, - we will never know.

Most recent research confirms the only pure bred Homo Sapiens on this planet are the Africans who never bred outside their continent. So will we now redefine the term Neanderthal as a complement rather than an insult? Who knows, - we constantly redefine reality to support our prejudices.

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