Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas and Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice December 22

Christmas choristers drown out the robins instructive chirp. He chip-chips away, patiently, with no doubt that on his own, he will eventually wear out the darkness, and return light to the world. He awaits my passing, and the careless tossing aside of some leaves that will reveal the light scurrying things, whitened by the dark below.

Indoors, artificial boughs are weighed down with holly stripped from the fields and the wild. New clothes, and no tomorrow. Dutiful presents, and the acceptance of gifts you know have nothing to do with your dreams. What we do want, is to achieve a goal, once deemed to be lost. To see a loved one long departed. To live again in  a world where the imagination is the only reality that matters. The older the Christmas, the more populated it becomes with the spirits of Christmas past, and slowly, as we become one of these spirits, we become the memories of others. Chimeras, shadow beings, finger shadows.

Christmas is when time is told to stand still . . . rest a while. The earth holds its breath at the nadir of its days, before starting the upward climb to sun and renewal. Life stirs everywhere, after this day; in the earth beneath our feet, in the skies above our heads, in our souls of seasons, in this season of soul and spirit. There is  promise, and a contract renewed. 

In winter we learn of death and sleep, and so every year, we choose growth to replace hibernation, change over stasis, life over death.

Trees and baubles, glitter and light; symbols of magic . . . and a light to lead us on, a journey to follow a star whose course we can never hope to alter.

Christmas December 25

©Copyright Niall OConnor


  1. What a cheery gift on a dreary day! May the new year bring all good things to you and yours.

  2. Thanks Liza_Mae and best wishes to you. Especially thank you for your support and feedback during the year. It is always welcomed. Niall

  3. nice! great lines in here: " we become one of these spirits, we become the memories of others. Chimeras, shadow beings, finger shadows."

    James Claffey

  4. As Liza_Mae said what a lovely gift. Thank you Niall. I hope your Holiday celebrates surround you in love. I look forward to reading all of your poetic gifts of 2015.

    1. Thank you for your wonderful friendship throughout 2014, Delaina, and hoping that 2015 will be just as awesome for you as 2014!XX


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