Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year Knot

no New Year yet, old year still not knotted;
more time to delay a resolution
to breech the weir of dammed ideas
held back by education
and a wall of the inherited and acquired,
placed brick by brick, 
by the same hand
that must now dismantle it.
fear of failure, is not an option 
for the living.
no New Year yet, old year still not knotted
but there is always time to tie another climbing
time to string old ideas into new rosaries of reveal,
time to speak out.
no new years, 
just old years, not knotted yet.

knot is a closed curve in space. A knot is called trivial, if one can deform it to a simple unknotted circle without having any selfintersections at any time. It is quite easy to see that in four dimensions, there are no nontrivial knots. Therefor, you cannot have a knot in four dimensional space! As my old Maths teacher used to say  . . .Q.E.D.
©Copyright Niall OConnor


  1. Beautiful Niall. I love this. Thank you.

    Delaina Miller

  2. Truthful words, thank you for sharing.

    Salma Maref

  3. Well said! Excellent poem.

    Pamela Clarke Vandall

  4. Niall...such poignant thoughts on such a day!

    Siddartha Beth Pierce

  5. Nice one Niall.

    Adele Ward

  6. I like that image of the knot. Very nice.

    Kat Mortensen

  7. Just lovely, thanks for this

    Sam Rhodes

  8. Inspired writing Niall

    Christopher Dunne

  9. Strong, poignant writing, Niall O CoNNor!

  10. Great idea/imagery in this poem - I love it, really spot on —and well done on the fruitful year. Wishing you both health and happiness as you deconstruct the constructed.


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