Saturday, December 10, 2011

Shame on You

A poem inspired by the video below. The power of the chant.  The use of language as a weapon, is as ancient as language itself.

shame on you: who pass this way and do not see
a life is shared and no one lasts
shame on you: who look and see and do not show,
to tell, not show, is not enough
shame on you: who do not work,for toil is yours
as every seed is formed to grow
you can go: but leave this world a better place,
for you are neither start nor end
you can go: depart for here with what you brought;
a different view, a chance to give
you can go: all you have a right to know, is
never this way can you pass too slow.

©Copyright Niall OConnor

Shame on You by nialloconnor


  1. Beautiful Niall, I believe we've been here before, you and I, and until we complete our mission shall be again. Too bad that many who understand your thoughts manage to leave them at an intellectual level.
    Ron Kleiman

  2. My Dad used to teach me this. :)

    Rosemary Nissen-Wade

  3. When people run in circles it's a very very...mad world


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