Saturday, April 27, 2013

Gathering the Kindling

After the shifting spring storms
beneath the sleeping branches
a mother gathers kindling

to maintain an ancient fire.
Two children trail, and a third
lies wrapped on wheels. All in pink

they dutifully mimic
the gathering, heaping their
sticks into a tangled pyre

unconsciously passing
this ancient test. The mother
gathers left-handed, fingers

varnished stiff, and scissored
about smoking cigarette,
cursive body in worn blue

denim. Deceived, she forgets 
their task and plays, roles shifting
from harvesting to the hunt

and each hides in turn behind
the unmoved trees, and awaits
discovery, and the threat

of continued survival, 
where only lives, like dried sticks
are gathered up, from beneath 
the blossom trampling feet.
©Copyright Niall OConnor 2013

From Change in the Wind.
76 pages of great poetry.
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  1. Whoopee. I've got my copies of "Change in the Wind"
    Thank you so much Niall. I can't wait to sit down and read.

  2. Great news Res, I had forgotten you might have a saturday delivery :)

  3. I took you lovely book to bed with me last night, Niall, and woke this morning to read some more. Brilliant collection! I am thoroughly enjoying it. Thank you again.


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