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Change in the Wind
76 pages
Niall OConnor

“From building blocks as simple as clothes pegs left out in the winter rain or a beloved child’s first breath, Niall OConnor has crafted these sharply astute reflections of life, crammed with subtle insights that transform the everyday world and makes us witness it anew. Here is a poet who understands the wonder of youth as finely as he grasps the slow journeys of old age; a writer whose imagination is equally at home in his native country as when capturing the waterscapes of Venice or streets of Budapest with observations that are eloquent, inquisitive and challenging.”
-      Dermot Bolger

In Irish poet's Niall OConnor poem “Ballyferriter,” we are invited into a world where humans live in intimate contact with the earth, sea, and sky—where the elemental and its ancient mysteries and deep truths take precedence over the ego-based jockeying and maneuvering of cities. There is a pleasing juxtaposition of raw physicality and ethereal dream in O’Connor’s poems—qualities enhanced by minimal punctuation and lines of varying length—lines that mirror the ocean waves, gusting winds, and undulating hills of OConnor’s native landscape. This poem transported me to O’Connor’s “otherworld / out there where the holy ones sent their / sacrifice and prayer”. 
-   Kaitlin Hillenbrand - Poetry Editor, Connotation Press

"There is a new wave of excellent Irish Poets out there at the's one of the best of them." - Mick Corrigan

"In this first collection O’Connor is a compelling commentator on many aspects of life." - Eithne Reynolds

"Carefully crafted poems from a poet who has had time to reflect on life, youth, age, place and change" - Dublin Review

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