Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Halfpenny Bridge

from Change in the Wind.

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Georgian iron and treacherous timbers,
slime covered and slipping


                            and down:

a pox on the ferryman’s earnings

by those who dare to cross

from mean street to Venetian passage . . .

this is the Ha’penny bridge.

Leaning on both North and South

owned by neither, both,

a no-man’s land

twixt Norse and Brit,

chained to the granite quays.

On its crest,
its pinnacle,

the luckless Lord Mayor of Dublin;

the toll gatherer-beggar,

with his bowl forever sits,

selling poverty for a pittance,

and redemption for avoiding eyes.

The royal barge

the chieftains byre

bananas from Bolivia

they all have passed

beneath this throne

this crown of Anna Livia.

 ©Copyright Niall O'Connor

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  1. That's grand Niall. I bet it was a pox on the ferryman's earnings! Especially when he had to have the bridge built! LOL


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