Saturday, June 22, 2013

Azure Agean

The breeze from the Aegean sea

first whipped by a lonely pine

on parched headland,

now places one thousand kisses

on the back of my outstretched hand.


white caps tickle the sky

with the joy of a playful lover,

and the belly of our sails

reaches to the future,

delivering us safely over the valleys

and meadows of sea grass

to where my love’s sweet scent awaits,

with the promise of embrace.

boats are slowed to growing,

and distant lands flattened,

a brush stroke of haze

leaches from the blue.

beneath the deluge

lies our history.

right here we were separated,

interbred with half

humans and heroes,

decided by forces of attraction,

and repulsion so small,

that our greatness is still


to what lies unseen

in every sea and cell.
©Copyright Niall OConnor

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  1. I could virtually (sic) smell the sea air and feel the playful breeze.


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