Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Full Tank

(First published in Revival, and Change in the Wind)

For days, then weeks
running into years
I  shuttled to and from work,
slowly weaving a web of habit
that constrained by mind,
continued my dire existence.

Then one day, I set out to work
to a job that was there no longer,
and I saw a tank full of petrol,
that would not be used in dribs and drabs,
a tank of two hundred miles or more
that I would use
use it all . . . in one unrationed day.

So I drove,
drove west, racing ahead of the morning sun
imaging myself as the herald of a new day,
every arrival a new beginning

and when I reached the sea I stopped
and was amazed to find it was still there
where it has always been,
waiting without complaint for my return,
waiting within for its time to rise.
©Copyright Niall OConnor

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