Saturday, August 10, 2013

Removing the Ivy

From: Carty's Journal and Change in the Wind.

We crunched our way
 across the frozen meadow, 
two robots over wrapped
 against the cold.

Surrounded by silent sleeping trees
 and steamy breath, we plucked and picked
 at the frozen ivy, 
teasing its frozen tentacles 
from the dark and cold Roscommon stone. 

Our aunt had told us
that we would save the wall, 
save it from the fate of older families
who had lived nearby, in now
humbled heaps of drawing rooms and kitchens;
upstairs, downstairs, all a-jumble, 
piles of random dice tossed aside, 
each settling a new insult, a new revelation. 
Families bound by servitude and obligation. 
Our white and pink child-fingers, like lepers at scabs, 
worked until our breath
 no longer steamed, and we stole away
 to hide in the warm stables nearby,
where oppressed donkey-companions
 observed our shivering bodies 
with smug disdain. 

©Copyright Niall OConnor

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