Saturday, January 25, 2014

Important Historical Events

A newspaper headline
in the largest font available
was my first lesson
on how to recognise an historical event.

Then the black and white flicker,
of a man on the moon,
a fallen president,
a speech of a dream.

Embedded we crawled
the word-shingled beach,
watched fireworks displayed
for bloodied civilians dismayed.

Tyrants everywhere were shown
the soles of our shoes
the wrath of our righteousness
the judgment of our News.

A wall is chipped, a princess killed,
a president signs with twenty gifting pens,
and two towers are folded down
into the ground
a child is born and a woman says no
. . . and expects it so.

As for important historical events . . .
a farmer in Colombia receives a text
on the price of coffee
and has time to tell stories,
that allow his kids to dream.
and  mother breast feeds her son
while a bee dips into a flower
so the last seed can be born.
©Niall OConnor    2013

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  1. OK this one is a WOW! nothing like putting things in prospective.


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