Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Sea

And the river feeds
the vast insatiable hunger of the sea
where it meets the land,

and me

and men place stones
that were born elsewhere, from fire
to enclose this birthing place
of land and soul

dark wall of granite
bearded, worn

and the sea reaches out
for the sky she meets but cannot touch;
by the shore for which she
yearns so much


and my soul stretches out from where
I stand, in conjoined silence
with the lonely swell

and I am drawn to where the sea
heaves itself against the sky,
and the limits

of a small man's expansiveness;
a petrel on wings of foam
grazing the swelling, swirling surface,

for what the deep discards.
                                                                                                               © niall oconnor 2014

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  1. This is absolutely glorious. I love the sea, and the idea of it yearning to touch the sky is quite wonderful.


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