Saturday, August 2, 2014

Rights of Passage . .

You flowers of El
who live in this ancient passageway,
in a wilderness through which every man has passed,
spreading like a plague across the face of a naive earth,
forging new religions and theocracies;
chains to restrain
what otherwise blossoms free.

Navigation is by night skies here,
both on land and sea,
and you willingly share of the stars,
but not the dirt shaken from your feet.
Christian beware!
The land of Christ is not yours.

Moses parted seas and nations to come here,
leading his tribe into the promised land;
promised by G-d
to His chosen ones . . . to the exclusion of all others?
Jew beware!
The promised land is yours, only to share.

Formed from the same star dust.
Believers in the same imaginary friend.
How can dust rule dust I cry!
But when my tears fall,
they fall, not on dust,
but on lives that are hate-baked;
forming religions from otherwise seamless lives.
Muslim beware!
You too must share.

This is a land that can be possessed . . . 
only as a night sky can widen your mind, 
only as an idea can show you the way,
only as love can illuminate, and guide you through.

In this land 
we can only have rights of passage.

©Copyright Niall OConnor 2012


  1. I wish..those beautiful times of harmony and peace return..when a Muslim, a Christian and a Jew celebrated together, lived with each other..when the land was truly holy because all religions were connected, no one is above the one is superior than the that Muslims, Christians continue to live in peace..and those fanatics, zionists, outsiders came to take a land not even with these rivers of blood, a bloody history of massacres, of racism..they killed every intention to that they want it all for have a mighty pen Niall..

    1. Thank you Imen. Your wish gives me hope that all men may ultimately feel the same way. Peace and love to you Brother.

  2. My friend..your understanding of the cause is do a lot..with your pen..I too can't do anything but pray and write..this is resistence too ..

  3. Too true Niall

  4. Patrick Joseph DorrianAugust 2, 2014 at 5:51 PM

    A great way to make the point that we are all star dust and our stay here is the blink of an eye.

  5. Oh my! Niall this is so powerful, so soul engaging, so the reason I love to read your poetry. Thank you,

  6. Siddartha Beth PierceAugust 2, 2014 at 5:55 PM

    Very nice, prophetic read. Thanks Niall O Connor for sharing your talent!

  7. Outstanding, my friend! Love it! "In this land... we can only have rights of passage"... and should find that exactly enough! Bravo!

  8. Your point well made, Niall.

  9. Very well said !

  10. Wonderful!

  11. Well said Niall. The Middle East seems to have a reality all of its own. The inhabitants thereof find coexisting difficult much less sharing.

  12. Heather Maecherlein BrowneAugust 2, 2014 at 9:07 PM wonderful to see you here today! And how timeless this exceptional pome and always. I really enjoyed this Niall and I have printed it out to hold for daily remembrance. Thank you!!!

  13. That's outstanding Niall, and considering the current situation, almost prophetic! You haven't added crystal ball gazing to your accomplishments, have you?

  14. This illuminating deeply true wonderful poem couldn't, dramatically, be more up to date now! Prophetic powerful job Niall OConnor thanks and thanks to Res Burman for sharing

  15. Replies
    1. You know you are welcome Niall. Good to see you, my friend.


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