Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Answer

This poem is a little bit of a puzzle, and you will have to work out the answer, before you can read it. - Niall
ps. for those of you who are blinded by the presentation, the first line of the poem reads, ''This is the answer,'

This is the answer,
the only one answer there can be.
Equally, all other answers lie
within their very own questions,
complete in their framing,
limited by  their positing;
instigator and discharger
of their very own genesis.

They write from white.

Many questions,
only one answer,
always trapped and hidden inside 
an impregnable shell
of white on white blindness.

©Copyright Niall OConnor 2014


  1. Niall- Thought Provoking, I'm drawn along this Intriguing Image! x

  2. Had fun with your riddle:
    The Answer-
    'They write from white':the puzzle is the line; the title the reader's solution
    White-a blank page, unwritten upon, blank canvas from which emerges the written word or on which the words are written.
    White- a place the writers are in, where they are writing from
    White- a state the writers are in when they write
    White- pure, innocent, snow, austere, bleak, bright light
    White- the colours of the writers skin, the point of view of a white writer.

  3. Ah! Now I have it! Very techno clever!
    Second part quite intriguing - the they who write from white: lost in their own prejudices, understandable only to themselves, unable or unwilling to communicate- writing white on white, can't describe or express in a way visible to the outside world OR like invisible ink, there is a key needed to reveal ( moving beyond impenetrable here .
    The ONE answer, though, to all questions... which must therefore be all about the same one universal theme - Love???
    Gee, I enjoy this mental gymnastics. Been a while.
    Thanks Niall.


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