Saturday, September 27, 2014

Happy is the Day.

Happy is the day that on rising,
my body flexes like a bow from head to toe,
and powered by arching spine,
bounds out to meet the world
and all its promise.

Happy is the day
when clouds are light and sky is bright,
and without drug filled enthusiasm,
or drink floated confidence,
everything is just magical,
and happily out of control.

Sad is the day when I am made small.

Why one day should greet me openly,
and another oppress so harshly, 
I do not know.

I really, really wish,
that I could know each sunrise,
simply as a call to life,
and see the open road afresh,
instead of trips on those already travelled.

©niall oconnor 2014


  1. Love this one Niall. But if we could answer that question we'd be kings of the world, or at least our own little worlds. Some of it must be chemical, stemming from diet or lack of it, and some of it probable habit, at least in how we react to various stimuli.
    But the great thing is, if you have had ONE day like your first verse, by all that's holy or natural in the Universe you must be due another one like it every now and again. Hold that in your heart and everyday must be a little better!

  2. Never felt like that when I was young, guess it was all new back then

  3. This one speaks volumes to me. I love it, Niall.

  4. A wonderful write, Niall

  5. s good one!


  6. You have the boundless energy of thought...which you transcribe into words....words string along and express the wonder of your expertise in thought written word..Well done - expertly expressed!!

  7. Oh, the mysteries of life... I enjoyed this a lot...!

  8. Be it a trip or a fall; go for the magic, not the small. Happy day, indeed!


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