Saturday, October 18, 2014

Sea View

Photograph by Maisie Ong

He was feeling the adrenaline,
and his leg was going for ninety;
the Senior citizen tourist, tweed
jacket, warm clothes, beanie headline: 'Guinness'.

He sat on the promenade bench
watching the young girls go by;
china porcelain dolls, untouchable
by hands that had grown gnarled and weary.

Hands that now hung limp and soft
were once used as tools for a living,
interpretors of all things brutal and hard,
rarely given a snatched chance to dream.

Behind him, houses in every colour
clamber up and over the static land,
excitedly competing for a view of the sea,
watching the grey from the grey, 
from the sky that is.

And down they tumble, making their way
eager to the sea. Green grass, orange lichen,
dark green of bladder seaweed and grass;
tide marries, just as easily takes away.

                                                                         ©niall oconnor 2014


  1. Absolutely brilliant Niall. That could be here except the council forbids us paint our houses every colour!
    I love this one!

    1. There is a sea port tradition in Ireland Res to paint the houses different colours, so the sailor returning to port might

    2. Great Niall! LOVE that last line......


  2. beautiful imagery... very impressive! loved the 2nd stanza very much...:)

  3. How well done Niall ! I can see, hear and empathize with every line, you work all the senses!


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