Saturday, November 29, 2014

I've Just Won the Lottery!

I have just won the lottery !

No joke!

Yes my friends, I have just won the lottery,
and these were my lucky numbers!

3, for the magpies outside my front door
6 euro left in my pocket
10 for my birthday
17 for the hell of it
37  hairs left on my head,
and 39 days left 'till Christmas.

No tax to be paid,
my new-best-buddy-tax-advisor tells me,
'We have ways to avoid the little people taxes,
and the means to do it!'

Now I can have boats, and Aston Martins,
Jags and swimming pools,
splendid houses with columns,
and most distractions are just a nod,
and a question marked forefinger away.

No more worries about water tax.
No more cheap 10 year old whiskeys.
No waiting for seasons to come around.
No recycling, cycling, harvesting or saving,
no worries.

One big problem though . . .
I'm bored!
The soaps are drab and pointless.
New friends are sycophants,
old friends suspicious.
Hotel room inspections, my only distraction!

And to all you ladies,
that I yearned to possess,
I am free now to make love.
No longer restrained by great hunger.
No longer a slave to the desperate need.
I would like to apologise, and say you were right!
Can we still be friends?

The only real thing that money seems to buy in plenty
is Time,  and now I have too much of it.
Impossible to ignore, it grinds me down,
leaves me constantly with a frown,
and I wonder why so many single euro,
that could give any child, 
or my old self, a delight,
now lie buried and bonded,
but still growing,
deep in the vaults of my bank.

'Spend, spend, spend', they say,
but I'm not giving any of it away.
                                                                           ©niall oconnor 2014


  1. Time and money are resources which can be used to great benefit or wasted by depriving the world and self. Nice write!

  2. Is that a poem? Or is it fact or fiction? :)

  3. It's not always it's cracked up to be eh?


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