Saturday, December 13, 2014

A Love Poem

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With my hands 
            I reach for your body
            desperate to caress and sooth,
            calling it back to where it belongs.
When I hold you close,
           skin to skin, entities exchange,
           never to be wholly separate,
           ever again, always connected
           if only by the touch of a fingertip,
           the kiss of a trembling lip.
You are my shadow,
            and every time my shade is cast,
            I look at it and think of you,
            even when you hide shy, 
            in the throat-nest where 
            all men wore their hearts once,
            when love was open, love was free.
As long as there is light,
            you will be with me,
            and when it grows dark, 
            our shadows become one.

                                                                           ©niall oconnor 2014


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