Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Emu Caller

An  Emu Caller painted on native Australian timber
takes pride of place on the polished mantle.

Beside the forty-two inch flatscreen,
a miniature Canadian log cabin squats,
complete with dusty sycamore flag.

Their grandfather clock ticks relentlessly
through the emptiness of the pristine house
but it seems it is only to be his winding
that will keep it sounding now.

At six, the automated click of the central 
heating as the gas boiler comes on,
and the creaking of the shrunken house,
as it prepares for the visitors that might come.
All those that enter here, are now known as visitors.

A pained glance at the kitchen table,
ignoring the laptop left permanently open,
waiting for Skype and its reminder
that nothing dear can be held forever.

'Will I put the kettle on Mary?
There’s no one online, yet.'

                                  © niall oconnor 2015


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